22 Sep 2018

One photo of Nikita's and my project "Road to Galia" made it into the German newspaper der Freitag.

18 Sep 2018

Cover + Portfolio Interview inside of the new Digit !

20 Jul 2018

Portrait of Tim Mois, CEO of Sipgate for Harvard business manager.

19 Sep 2018

One photo of my “Stranger Things” series, made it into Fluter.

03 Jul 2018

Interview with Intro.

15 Jun 2018

The German publisher Rheinwerk Verlag is going to publish a street photography guidebook named "Streetfotografie - made in Germany".

I'm really happy and proud to be one of the authors of this interesting project!

Also, I'm in pretty dope company with the other 9 street photographers of the book, such as: Nicole Struppert, Kay von Aspern, Mario Cuic, Siegfried Hansen, Marco Larousse, Christopher Reuter, Fabian Schreyer, Martin U Waltz and Torsten Köster !

The release date is the 08/28/18 and you can pre-order the book already here.


* it's only available in german language tho...

04 Jun 2018

Cool News! The photobook dummy of my current work 'Stranger Things' is going to participate in the Photobook Exhibition of Athens Photo Festival! The book will be exhibited with others from the 6 June - 29 July 2018 at The Benaki Museum in Athen.

So if you are in Athen during that time and would like to check out the book, come over and have a look!

The APaF:18 is also a part of the European Month of Photography!



31 May 2018

I'm going to have my first talk about my work at the London Street Photography Festival at 3pm-3.45pm on Sun, 5 Aug.
If you are in town that weekend, come over and make sure to check out all the other great happenings around the festival!

See you there!

31 Mar 2018

14 Feb 2018

Küchendienst got published in American Chordata Issue 6.

13 Feb 2018

Fisheye (Fr) feature!

01 Feb 2018 

One photo of my current photo series 'Stranger Things' made into the french newspaper Courrier international !

18 Jan 2018

17 Jan 2018

Featured with ‘Stranger Things’ on Booooooom !

11 Jan 2018

Interview with iGNANT about ‘Stranger Things’

01 jan 2018

Happy to announce the launch of a new photography collective, i have started together with some very talented international photographer friends. Go check out slowlightcollective !

24 dez 2017

Bird In Flight asked me to pick my personal top 10 shots from my archieve.

14 Dez 2017

Küchendienst made it with 7 pictures in the 6/2017 issue of UNI SPIEGEL.

09 Dez

“Road to Galia” made it in the newest issue of the Intro magazine!  A cooperation work with Nikita Teryoshin

07 Dez

Portrait job of Michale Steinbrecher, a germany TV host and journalist, for the german newspaper “Der Freitag”

15 Nov 2017

Going to represent my work at this year “portfolio walk” at the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg.

11 OCT 2017 


GUP feature online! 

07 OCT 2017

2nd place at the Brussels Street-Photography Festival competition in the category “Brussels singles” !

05 OCT 2017

8 pictures of my current photo series "Phos Noise" got published in the new Issue of the german newspaper der Freitag !

06 SEP 2017

Yes! Dope news!
Im finalist at this year BSPF in the category "Brussels - Single shots" ! Its great to be in such good company with the other finalists of wich i know the most and wich work i absolutely dig!

25 AUG 2017

I’m very happy to see some of my street shots in the new issue of enorm Magazin !

01 JUL 2017    

The 5 W’s interview with iN-Public!