Human kind are socially living beings. People come into our lives, every encounter
leaves it‘s mark. Some stay by our side, others accompany us for a certain period until
we lose sight of each other again. What remains are the memories and the uncertainty
about which path the other person has chosen. In today‘s society everyone is so occupied
with themselves that they often aren‘t aware when a person slowly and quietly
withdraws. The reasons why people live isolated from the community are very different
and mostly shaped by life-changing experiences. Every individual person has the possibility
of falling into social isolation and only a few manage to get out of it on their own.
Someone who is socially isolated has a high risk of developing serious mental issues
such as social phobia, depression, addictions and suicidal thoughts. Can we empathize
with these people enough? How great is our compassion when we often do not react
and leave certain individuals behind?

The repression of sick people shows, how the true core of our „social system“ works:
a performance-oriented, selfish and profitable world that leaves no space for sick people.
As long as everyone contributes their part to the community and ensures that the
system is maintained, there is little need for action. When a person gets left behind,
they are often on their own and slowly moving downwards.

It is a plea to all of us to be considerate with our surroundings. The system that denies
the weakest and relies on growth will not last in long terms. Only if every individual
and every other living being in this planet is treated with respect and equality, humans
can call themselves as compassionate, intelligent beings that can sympathize
with others. To understand that physical and psychological pain is a lot to put up with
for these individuals can change a lot. Genuine interest and sensitivity gives the weak
the feeling of not being forgotten and helps to find new strength for a better live together
in one world.