Where is Anna?

Zeit Verbrechen #16

Two years ago I photographed possible crime scenes in the missing case of „Anna S.“ for the german newspaper "Die Zeit". Her body has recently been found at the murderers house, concreted in the basement. ( first & last image )

Full story out now in the newest issue of @zeit_verbrechen.



11 Freunde #247

Long-time story about the fan base of KFC Uerdingen.
Photo editor: Philipp Pernkopf


Photo Workshop Cologne

"Stranger Things" photowalk

At the 05/21/22 i had my first photo workshop with curator/photographer Teona Gogichaishviliyoung, for young enthouastic photographers at the age of 16-18.
We discoverd the streets of cologne and created images with a "Stranger Things" vibe.


a little recap created by Deutscher Jugendfotopreis:



Latest publications #2

1. Die Zeit 17/22 archive image
2. Personal Magazin 03/2022 archive image


Zwei Verrückte

11 Freunde #245

About keeper Stefan Ortega Moreno & his trainer Marco Kostmann from Armina Bielefeld.
Photo editor: Philipp Pernkopf


Wer isst denn so was?

Die Zeit 13/22

About the CEO of "Royal Donuts".
Photo Editor: Maria Rohweder



Zeit Verbrechen 13/2022

Photo editor: Chantal Seitz


Fair abliefern

Zeit Campus 02/2022

Anonymous portrait of a demonstration by bike suppliers in cologne.
Photo editor: Frauke Schnoor



Zeitung für Fotografie Nr.2/22

Photonews published my work 'Stranger Things' in thier portfolio category.
Photo editor: Anna Gripp


Aufbruch ins Metaversum

Die Zeit 06/22


'Stranger Things' exhibition

01/06/2022 - 04/23/2022 in Zingst, Germany.

From 01/06/2022 - 04/23/2022 I'm going to exhibit my work 'Stranger Things' at the
'Max Hünten Haus' Gallery in Zingst, Germany. There will be a midissage on 03/03/2022 with the opening at 6 pm. I'm also joining the event and would be happy to meet & greet other photography enthusiastic for a nice chat or just a drink :)

Find more information here:

Curator Edda Fahrenhorst took an interview with me about the work, which can be read here: https://www.zingst.de/veranstaltungen/max-slobodda-stranger-things


Gallery impressions: M.Gärtner


Latest publications #1

1. Die Zeit 01/22 archive image
2. Die Zeit 02/22 archive image
3. Zeit Spezial: Arbeit 01/22 archive image
4. On assignment portrait of TikTok Star Kaan for Der Spiegel


Gibt es Außerirdische?

Philosophie Magazin Issue 01/2022

For the '10 years anniversary issue' of the Philosphie magazine, some of my pictures got featured on the topics 'Is there extraterrestrial life?' & 'Can philosophy change my life?'.
Photo editor: Tina Ahrens


Unreal is the new real

Archivio Contemporaneo x 'Stranger Things'

''A box of contemporary experiences and project, a research within a creative space of experimentation''
Hit the link for more information: https://www.visioniparallele.com/archiviocontemporaneo


Der Rückzug

Die Zeit 50/2021

Brown coal surface mine Garzweiler, in Jüchen, Germany on assigment for Die ZEIT.
Photo editor: Norman Hoppenheit & Lara Huck


Highway to Helgoland

11 Freunde #239

In August 2021 for "11 Freunde" Magazine: Accompanying the football Team of PSV Braunschweig, on their weekend trip to a unique soccer game on the german island Helgoland. Find the full image gallery here.

Photo editor: Jens Kuiper


Auf sich gestellt

Die Zeit 34/2021

The image of Ronja from my free portrait work, got featured in "Die Zeit" for an article about the education loan "Bafög".

Photo editor: Maria Rohweder



TÜV SÜD - About Trust 02/2021

Cover for "TÜV SÜD - About Trust" Magazine.

Photo editor: Jan Steinhauer
Agency: Muehlhausmoers


Zurück in die Zukunft

Harvard Business Manager 08/2021

A couple of my anonymous portraits from my free work, got featured in "Harvard Business Manager" and made it also on the upside down cover.

Photo editor: Martin Richter


Unter Storm

Philosophie Magazin Issue 04/2021

One image of my archive work got featured in the "Philosophie Magazin".

Photo editor: Tina Ahrens



TAZ - FUTUR ZWEI 16/2021

Parts of my 'Stranger Things' series got featured for the cover story
of the magazine "TAZ-FUTUR ZWEI".

Photoeditor: Tobias Laukemper


EP cover artwork

For Leeds electronic duo 'Prospa' and thier new EP 'Rave Science Vol.1',
one image of my Stranger Things series was used for the cover.

Hit the Spotify link to check them out.